Futsal Training

Our goal is to improve your FUTSAL skills and help you reach your objectives by providing you with year-round specialized and unique soccer training.


Our training programs are focused on improving the player's technical and tactical abilities by targeting different topics of the game and creating game-like scenarios to improve the player's growth and development.

Topics may vary per training session including but not limited to:

- 1v1 Futsal Moves

- Ball Mastering

- Speed of Play

- Striking Techniques

- Small-Sided Games

Our programs are geared towards:

 Boys & Girls

Any skill level

Ages 6+

Players must:
- Wear athletic gear

- Wear soccer-specific shoes
- Bring shin guards
- Bring your own water
- Bring a soccer ball

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FUTSAL training

Initial player evaluation 

Individual approach in a small-group setting

FUTSAL ball-based training

Competitive and game-like scenarios

One-hour sessions

All training sessions aim to:

- Provide an individual approach to training

- Improve player's fitness, aerobic capacity, and stamina

- Refine technical ability and individual skills

- Build up player strengths and minimize weaknesses

- Improve player's tactical component and game awareness

- Enhance player physical and mental toughness

- Maximize player's growth and development


You may also choose a training package.

Explore more below.


12 trainings per month


8 trainings per month


4 trainings per month

FUTSAL Training FAQ's

What does a training session aim for?

All training sessions aim to: - Provide an individual approach to training. - Improve player's fitness, aerobic capacity, and stamina. - Refine individual skills and technical ability. - Build up player strengths and minimize weaknesses. - Improve player's tactical component and game knowledge. - Enhance player confidence by providing positive reinforcement. - Maximize time and provide a memorable session.

How many players are in a FUTSAL Training?

Anywhere from 2 to 8 players at a time.

Are group trainings offered to specific age groups?

Group trainings are offered to players: U9-U12 U13-U15 U16-U18

Where are trainings held at?

Trainings are held at our indoor facility.

11339 Distribution Ave E.
Jacksonville, FL 32256

How much does a small group training session cost?

You may purchase a one-time session (Group $35/player/session) or you may choose from our different training packages (Gold, Silver, Bronze) and save!

Can I sign up at the facility?

Yes, you may sign up at our facility but we recommend you sign up in advance to secure a spot in our training sessions.

What should I bring to the training session?

- Athletic gear, or you may purchase our Footbol City gear - Soccer cleats - Soccer trainers - Water

Do trainings get cancelled due to weather?

No. Trainings are held in a covered indoor facility. Unless there is a major issue that may affect our players safety, we will not cancel.

What is the rescheduling policy?

If we must cancel any sessions, we will offer a makeup session during a separate time frame. If you cannot make it to our makeup session, we will not be able to reschedule you.

What if I cannot make it to the session?

If you cannot attend a session, please let us know 24 hours in advance. We will try to schedule you in for another time frame that may have availability.

What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds allowed.

Who may I contact if I have any other questions?

Email us at info@footbolcity.com or text/call (904) 339-3285.

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