First-Touch, Awareness, Pass & Move

Updated: Apr 22

Group Private Training - Oakleaf Soccer Fields

Improve your vision and technique as a player to play one-touch passes while being aware and anticipating the next play. With this skill under your belt, you will be able to mount efficient attacks and increase the speed of play!

What is this session about?

  1. Passing the ball to your teammate/best friend on one-touch using the inside of your foot.

  2. Scan the pitch and check your shoulders to know who's coming, if you have time to receive the ball, and have awareness of your surroundings before receiving the ball.

  3. Unlock the defense and increase speed of play with one-touch passing.

  4. Get fit while doing all this. Go for 60 seconds on and 15 seconds rest in between, 3-5 rounds depending on your fitness level.

What to think about?

The best players have an ability to see opportunities on the pitch quicker than others. These players do this by scanning the pitch before receiving the ball.

After they receive the ball, these players are able to make a quick, one-touch pass to their target and move off into space to be available if needed for another pass. A one-touch pass gives opponents little time to react and, in turn, speeds up the team’s play.


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