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About us


FootbolCity is a soccer training academy that targets the individual player growth providing a structured and specialized training program that paths the way to any player's success on and off the field.


To become one of the best private soccer trainers globally known to develop exceptionally talented "Footbol City" grown players ready to take their soccer careers to the next level.


To deliberately work to transform the United States soccer culture in our communities by providing world-class training for our players guided by our pillars of methodology and our South-American background making a positive impact with all of our pursuits.


Intentionally a grammatically incorrect word that combines the words:

“Foot” (English) and “bol” (Spanish) to describe our brand's deliberate intent to radically transform the soccer culture in our communities to resemble other communities who exercise and put soccer as their main sport.


Providing world-class specialized training to all of our athletes is our main focus. We successfully deliver this following our pillars of methodology which focus on developing exceptional players on and off the field.

Top notch coaches

 experienced coaches that understand the football city methodology and player development, physically & mentally

World class facility

facilities that encompass the latest technology in training for players, clubs & enthusiast.

a Community connector 

We are an active ingredient in the community that connects through the soccer platform, engaging in social & cultural events.

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