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Keep it FUN!

Updated: May 27, 2022

Fun is first, never forget to have fun!

Here is some reasons why:

1) players can excel if they are having more fun

2) kids learn better when it is in a positive environment

3) enjoyment can lead to longevity

Whether you are part of a team to win or you want to be in a squad with your friends to just keep playing and enjoy the social aspect of the sport, keep it fun!


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Good Morning !

They will be No Training Sessions today due to Field Conditions. Training will be Re scheduled for 13 JAN 24. No habra entreno hoy por las condiciones del Campo. Renaudaremos El 13 Enero 24.

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Today we Officially start our FC Alcance Project where Parents set a monthly Contribution an Alternative to Pay to Play. Our goal is to reach as many players who want but cant ! See you soon!


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